Protecting the Planet

At Activision Blizzard, we are committed to protecting the planet by reducing the environmental impact of our operations, both directly and within our value chain. We are identifying opportunities that decarbonize and reduce the environmental impact of the way we work, partner, produce, and market games. Throughout 2022, we made significant progress including improving the quality of our environmental data, driving more renewable energy use, and reducing water consumed across our enterprise.

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GHG Emissions

In 2022, we focused our efforts on improving the quality, completeness, and accuracy of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions data and reporting capabilities in this evolving field. We used the insights gathered for our annual GHG emissions reporting to refine our decarbonization roadmap towards achieving our net zero GHG emissions by 2050 goal. Additionally, 2022 saw significant increases in purchased renewable energy use across our data centers and workplaces. 

Information Graphic that reads: Our 2021 GHG Emissions Footprint. A flow chart starts with Scope 1 Emissions, with the description of onsite fuels. Fuels combusted in any company-owned or leased workplaces and data centers, such as diesel and refrigerants. Totals 1300 MT CO2e. Flow chart continues to Scope 2 Emissions. Purchased energy, as in energy purchased from a utility to power any company-owned or leased workplaces or data centers, which is primarily electricity. Totals 22,000 MT CO2e. Flow chart continues to Scope 3 Emissions. Upstream/downstream emissions, as in energy usage associated with the company's public cloud usages and other upstream and downstream purchased services, such as inbound and outbound freight, online marketing and media, office supplies, and business travel. Total 252,000 MT CO2e (footnote reads: To estimate our Scope 3 Emissions, we conducted a detailed analysis of Activision Blizzard's FY21 spend data by category and vendor, and then mapped that data onto the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment dollar-based emissions factors. These emissions factors account for the "cradle-to-grave" emissions to produce one dollar of the goods or services purchased. Where available, we integrated actual emissions data as reported to us by select vendors.) The flow chart ends with Total GHG Emissions equaling 275,300 MT CO2e.
Informational Graphic that reads: Total Energy Use, Electricity Use, and Renewable Energy and Electricity Use. Electricity is 90.19%, renewable energy is 0.04%, and other energy sources is 9.77% (footnote reads other energy sources include green power purchases and onsite fuel consumption). Total Energy Use is 63,848,270 kWh.

In 2022, the overall GHG emissions that we reported increased by an estimated 0.5%. At the same time, we drove a number of proactive decarbonization efforts that have begun to yield helpful results.

Other Environmental Initiatives

2022 was the first year we celebrated Earth Day across the Company. Our goals were to educate employees on our sustainability priorities, engage them in the cause through sustainability challenges, and inspire sustainable change in their everyday lives. Through these combined efforts, and in partnership with the non-profit Trees for the Future, we planted 10,000 trees in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

“As a business, we’ve made a commitment in our ESG 2021 report to reach net zero emissions by 2050 including Scope 3 emissions. Together with our colleagues, we’re working on a realistic roadmap for achieving these goals and it’s why everyone at Activision Blizzard needs to play their part.”

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