Our ESG Reports

We are excited to share a few examples of our ESG efforts across this website. We have much more to share and invite you to download our full ESG Report to learn about our efforts in greater detail.

As part of our long-term strategy, we will continue to expand our internal ESG expertise, advance our reporting activities, and identify new opportunities to highlight our key ESG issues.

In 2020, we established an ESG Steering Committee and task-specific, cross-functional, enterprise-wide ESG working groups. Our ESG working groups are composed of individuals from our executive management team and employees from across our business units and corporate functions. They support the steering committee by identifying relevant ESG matters. The ESG steering committee and working groups grew and guided our efforts across 2021. 

The purpose of our ESG Steering Committee is to identify ESG matters that are most relevant to our business. Specifically:

  • Provide ESG Program direction

  • Identify initiatives that are of highest applicability to our business, investors, and stakeholders

  • Maintain accountability to our ESG commitments through regular progress updates

The ESG Steering Committee is chaired by our Chief Administrative Officer and includes our Chief Compliance Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Chief Communications Officer, SVP of Investor Relations and the VP of Corporate Social Responsibility.  

Please revisit our website for future updates and stay tuned for our continued journey in the ESG space.

ESG Archive:

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