Championing Our People



Activision Blizzard is committed to becoming the most inclusive, welcoming company in our industry. As we seek to set a new standard, we are investing heavily in building and maintaining a safe environment for all of our employees.


In 2021, our leadership took action to support meaningful change with initiatives designed to diversify our workforce and supply employees with enhanced resources and support. In addition, Julie Hodges was hired to the position of Chief People Officer in September 2021. As a key part of her responsibilities, she is spearheading our efforts to determine which talent resources will best support our goals going forward.


We will provide regular workplace initiative status reports to employees. Annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports will also cover these topics, in addition to updates on hiring practices and workplace culture. Our quest to grow as a company and positively impact lives through our games depends on how well we champion our people. We embrace our commitment to inclusivity, knowing it is necessary to achieve this end.

Our Employee Network Groups

Employees across Activision Blizzard are encouraged to join one of our Employee Network Groups (ENGs), which were brought together as eight unified global networks in March 2021 (a ninth group, ABK Indigenous Employee Network, was added after this change). Some existing networks were renamed as part of this transformational unification process.


Our ENGs seek to cultivate an inclusive, welcoming internal culture in which employees can show up as their authentic selves. Emblematic of ‘gaming for a better world,’ ENGs help us by driving inclusion, cultural awareness, professional development, networking opportunities, and community involvement across Activision Blizzard.

Listening To Our Employees – ABK Upward

December 2021 saw the successful launch of our inaugural annual upward feedback survey campaign, ABK Upward. The program is an annual process that gives employees a formal opportunity to share constructive, actionable feedback with their managers through an anonymous survey. This feedback—about each people manager’s inclusive behaviors and commitment to living our values—will be considered in the annual evaluation of each manager’s performance.


2021 also saw enhancements to the innovative, inclusive benefits programs we offer to employees – benefits intended to help them and their families live healthy, secure lives.


We are taking actionable steps to cultivate a broad, diverse talent pipeline and to foster an appropriately objective, equitable hiring process. We know this is essential to the success of our recruiting program, and to advancing diversity in the gaming industry more broadly. 


We are also investing millions of dollars in initiatives and organizations that seek to empower and advance talent from underrepresented groups.

Joyce Chang

(she/her) — Director, Product Management, Emerging Franchises — Activision

“The thing that makes me happiest and proudest in my role, every day, is the trust I have in the people I work with and the trust they have in me. This trust manifests in really tangible ways: I have built trust with my manager that I deliver results, which has earned me more autonomy in my decision-making and flexibility in my schedule. I have trust in my team, which enables them to operate at a high level without direct oversight. I have trust in my cross-functional partners, which gives me greater leverage in driving the Emerging Franchises business outside of my core team. So, it’s the people I work with – all of them doing incredible things for each other and for our players – that make me happy and proud to work here.”

These are just a few of the ways we Champion Our People. Please download and read our 2021 ESG Report to learn more.

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