Advancing More Diverse & Inclusive Communities

Video games have the potential to unite people around the globe through the shared joy of gaming. At Activision Blizzard, we continue to make bold strides in supporting and connecting diverse, inclusive communities with our games. In 2021, we remained committed to our social responsibility, whether through the Call of Duty Endowment, which funded, from inception through 2021, the placement of more than 97,000 veterans in jobs; our social impact money market fund investments, which totaled $1.25 billion and will support more diverse and inclusive communities; or our ABK Gives Back charitable donation-matching program for employees. We embrace our responsibility to honor our communities with inclusive content and by protecting player safety, seeking to better the world with games that positively influence popular culture, eliminate negative stereotypes, and celebrate differences.

Advancing Diversity & Accessibility

Activision Blizzard creates some of the most diverse games in the world. Our games increasingly reflect our global communities by featuring characters who are non-binary, possess differing abilities, are members of the LGBT+ community, and are racially and ethnically diverse. Below are examples of some of these characters.

For our games to better the world by uniting people across experiences and geographies, they must be accessible. Our inclusive design strategies ensure our players with varying needs, abilities, and preferences can access rich experiences whenever they play our games.

Takako Maeda

(she/her) — Globalization Inclusivity Content Manager — King

“At King, I’m part of the Accessibility Ambassadors initiative, a group of cross-functional employees who want to make our games more accessible. Accessibility is important to me because, as part of the Globalization team, I want to create gaming experiences that are equally accessible and fun for our players across the world.”

Socially Responsible Gaming Communities

We take seriously our responsibility to foster a gaming environment in which our players feel safe. More than 350 million players worldwide engage with our games for an average of over an hour per day when they play. It is thus important that we work to keep inappropriate behavior, hate speech, and harassment of every kind out of our games. We know this is not a simple task and that it requires sustained effort.

Andreas Unger

(he/him) — Lead Product Manager, Principal I — Blizzard

“Given the social nature of our games and the incredible diversity of our player communities, we have a huge responsibility to our players to ensure they feel welcome and are protected against disruptive behavior. Video games are about having fun and enjoying oneself, and providing a fun experience goes beyond amazing game design and awesome visuals and sound. Our work is never done, and we are constantly seeking to create new, exciting updates to our systems that help us detect disruptive behavior faster and more effectively than ever before.”

Supporting the Communities that Support Us

Activision Blizzard empowers its employees to better the communities we serve through a range of high-impact philanthropic, volunteering, and investment programs.

The Call of Duty Endowment is our flagship corporate social responsibility initiative. Founded in 2009, the Endowment helps veterans find high-quality careers by supporting organizations that prepare them for the job market, and by raising awareness of the value veterans bring to the workforce. To date, and since its founding, the Endowment has helped over 100,000 veterans find jobs!

We launched ABK Gives Back in 2021, an annual charitable donation-matching program. Through ABK Gives Back, eligible employees can donate money to the non-profit of their choice and have their donations matched, dollar-for-dollar (up to $1,000 USD or local equivalent), by Activision Blizzard.

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