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Protecting the Planet

Protecting the Planet

Activision Blizzard - 67 Offices in 19 Countries

We are truly global enterprise and understand that our business impacts our global and local environment and that we have an obligation to operate sustainably. We commit to the well-being of our planet by taking steps to reduce our own environmental footprint and to promote sustainable behaviors throughout our supply chain.

In 2020, we derived approximately 82% of our revenues via digital channels, which involve no physical products at all. Our ongoing conversion to a more digital business is enabling us to set and achieve important sustainability goals. This year, we will establish baselines and set quantitative targets to measure our future progress in areas such as bringing our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

Net Zero by 2050

Reducing Our Product Environmental Footprint

We have increased digital delivery of our content over time, resulting in significant reductions in the physical products we produce or use in our business (e.g., packaging) and in the energy associated with the manufacturing and distribution of our products. We work to accelerate that transition, including by maximizing player value in digital versions of our games and shifting our marketing emphasis to communicate this value to players.

These new digital editions often come with extra in-game items. They are also able to be pre-loaded with the “day-one” title updates so that our gamers can play as soon as they are released.

As an example, over the last five years, we estimate we have saved over 5.5 million pounds of plastic packaging. And as noted above, we are committed to continuing to reduce our plastic production.

Tom Bene (Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations, Activision)

Tom Bene

(Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations, Activision)

“Our global supply chain team has taken several steps to improve our operations and reduce resource consumption.

Examples of this include our efforts to reduce package sizing to minimize materials consumption while also optimizing density for freight, transitioning printed parts (i.e., game manuals) to digital mediums and, where possible, using the backside of the title sheets for standard messaging, consolidating facilities, and moving to lightweight packaging.

We transitioned the PC away from physical polycarbonate discs to printed code in the box and now to digital download.”

Tom Bene (Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations, Activision)

Reducing Our Facilities’ Environmental Footprint

We own two properties while the remainder of our 80 offices and other facilities are leased. We actively engage with our landlords and property managers to advocate for environmentally friendly practices in our offices and other facilities. We are also working to gain visibility and become more transparent about the data related to our environmental footprint. Of our roughly 2.3 million square feet, approximately 350,000 square feet, or 15% of our portfolio, is LEED or ISO 14001 certified.

We also know our games can be powerful spurs for environmental action. Reacting to in-game themes, Overwatch®’s Ecopoints inspired a member of our community in Brazil to organize a passionate group of Brazilian gamers who unite around activities that favor the environment, including reforestation events and clean-ups of contaminated areas, all planned by skilled biologists.

The above examples are just a few ways we are committed to Protecting the Planet, please explore our Full ESG Report to learn more.

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Protecting The Planet